Tree Removal

April 16, 2015
Tree Pruning
April 16, 2015

Tree Removal

While it’s common knowledge that trees can add a lot of aesthetic value to your property, they require periodic care and maintenance. However no matter how much you maintain the trees in your property with scheduled trimming and pruning, it is sometimes necessary to totally remove a tree.

Tree Removal Reasons

At Arbor Tree Group, we understand that trees need to be removed for a variety of reasons and we offer our tree removal service when the following situations arise:

  • When trees become structurally unsafe
  • Trees turn unsightly from age
  • Trees get damaged from thunderstorms or high winds
  • When trees get diseased or die
  • Tree roots cause damage to pipes, paving or building foundations.
  • The roots soak up too much water from the surrounding area
  • When you just want a change of scenery
  • We can undertake all tree removals including small trees or difficult access work trees need removing for a variety of reasons with over 30 years’ experience.
  • We have the knowledge to advise on the best and most cost effective way to safely remove trees from your home or development site. 
  • We use the latest rigging techniques to bring large trees down safely in those difficult and confided areas. We also own and operate our own cranes, excavators and stump grinders to be able to safely and cost effectively complete your next project.

The process of removing trees can range from being straightforward to very complex and dangerous. But no matter what the situation is, our arborists will carefully analyse its age, location and condition to determine the best tree removal method.

When it comes to removal of trees, you can depend on us to assess the situation with care and provide the appropriate solutions. Led by Tony Saunders, who has been a top class arborist for more than 25 years, all of our employees are highly-trained and qualified in using all the required rigging and specialised tree removal equipment.

For your piece of mind, we are fully insured and guarantee that all work carried out on site complies with all industry best practices, safety standards and regulations.

Our tree removal services will also have minimal impact on the other areas of your compound . You can also depend on our tree removal specialists to carry out their jobs neatly and remove the tree stump if required for a completely fresh new landscape.

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Remember that removing trees is a dangerous job, and should only be left to trained and experienced professionals like the Arbor Tree Group. Contact us today if you require a tree removal service in Sydney and you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

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