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April 16, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Stump Grinding


If you have a stump that’s in serious need of some grinding then you need the team of friendly and professional stump grinding gurus at Arbor Tree Group. Arbor Tree Group employs a team of arborists who have years of experience in the stump grinding field, so no matter the job they will know what the right option for your stump grinding job is

Stump Grinding

  • Stump removal is often referred to as stump grinding. We have several sized machines available to be able to access the most difficult stumps.

  • Stump grinding is the most effect method for removal of tree stumps with little or no impact on your property.

Benefits of stump grinding

So why should I employ a stump grinding service you may be asking yourself. The benefits of stump grinding over more traditional means of tree removal are many.

Firstly, tree stump grinding offers complete removal with little to no damage to the surrounding landscape. The stump grinding equipment employed by Arbor Tree Group ensures that damage to your property is kept to a minimum.

Secondly, it is fast and convenient. Tree stump grinding can be done quickly in comparison to other tree stump removal options. In just a few hours a once giant tree stump that was taking up valuable space in your backyard can be reduced to nothing more than a memory.

Thirdly, the resultant bark from the tree stump grinding makes excellent mulch for your existing garden which means you help your garden’s ecosystem while removing a nasty eyesore.

And finally, tree stump grinding is environmentally responsible. Tree stump grinding can effectively remove diseased trees from your ecosystem preventing further contamination.

Local knowledge expertise experience

Arbor Tree Group is owned and operated by Tony Saunders. Tony and his team have been servicing the Sydney area for all of their tree removal needs for over 20 years. The friendly and professional team at Arbor Tree Group pride themselves on not only providing great local knowledge and tree removal and maintenance services, but also great customer service.

Arbor Tree Group offers a range of additional services to complement our stump grinding service. These services include; tree removal, tree pruning, tree lopping, crane work, land clearing, on site chipping and mulching, and more. So whatever your tree needs, Arbor Tree Group has you covered.


If you’re in need of a team of qualified tree stump removal experts to come in and clean up your backyard then you need the expert and friendly staff at Arbor Tree Group. Arbor Tree Group comprises a team of arborists who live, breathe, and love all things arboriculture. Our team will come to your backyard and sort out all of your tree stump removal requirements with maximum speed and efficiency so you can get back to enjoying your backyard faster.

Why Do I Need a Professional Tree Stump Remover?

You may be asking why you need professional assistance with your tree stump removal job and the answer is simple; tree stump removal can be notoriously difficult if you don’t have the proper knowledge and equipment for the job.

Here at Arbor Tree Group we have not only the best tree stump removal equipment, we also have over 20 years of expertise removing tree stumps across Sydney.

Arbor Tree Group is owned and operated by Tony Saunders, Tony is a passionate and professional arborist who only accepts the best into his outfit of arboriculture experts. Tony and his team will be able to assess what your backyard needs and do it for less. When it comes to tree stump removal in Sydney there really is only one choice; Arbor Tree Group.

More Than Just Tree Stump Removal

On top of our fast and expert tree stump removal service, Arbor Tree Group also offers our valued customers a range of ancillary and additional services that are sure to have your backyard looking majestic.

Just a few of our arborist services include; tree removal, tree pruning, tree lopping, land clearing, on site chipping and mulching, stump grinding, and more.

The team at Arbor Tree Group take pride in offering our customers the best arboriculture services Sydney has to offer, we guarantee the quality of our work and promise you that when we are done maintaining your garden we will leave it clean and spotless and ready for use. All of the work carried out by Arbor Tree Group meets the industry standards for health and safety.

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So if you have a tree stump removal job that needs doing, call the expert and friendly staff at Arbor Tree Group. We can help you get you garden or backyard looking healthy and happy again guaranteed.

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