Land Clearing

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April 16, 2015
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Land Clearing

Arbor Tree Group provides a comprehensive range of tree removal services, including all aspects of land clearing in Sydney — from large scale tree and shrubbery removals to onsite chipping and mulching.

We are experienced in clearing land for a variety of purposes such as sub-division clearing, hazard reduction, firebreaks, the preparation of building sites and civil engineering projects.

To enable us to offer effective land clearing services, we use state of the art machinery and follow industry best practices for cost-effectiveness and safety. Our attention to detail and commitment to the environment is second to none as we use advanced equipment and planning to ensure that the ground is not excessively disturbed and that soil erosion is kept at bay.

Land Clearing

  • We have extensive experience in clearing trees for development sites from small private projects to major commercial works.
  • We own and operate a 5 Ton to 25 Ton excavators and large capacity wood chippers.


No Land Clearing Too Big!

There is no land clearing job that we can’t handle. At Arbor Tree Group, we have a vast amount of experience in residential, commercial lot as well as public land clearing.

No matter how big the task is, we know what is land clearing and we focus on delivering excellent results. Suffice to say our land clearing project completion record is exemplary. There are just too many successful projects to list here but you can get in touch with us we will gladly provide you with our record as well as satisfied customer testimonials.

A large part of our success is because we are 100% OH&S compliant. We employ fully licensed and insured professionals who are dedicated in being land clearing industry leaders in Sydney. From the top level right through to the individual crew members, we have years of management and on-site land clearing experience to ensure that all our projects are completed on time.

We do all the work such as clearing & mulching of all timber, green waste disposal and tree stump grinding — and we promise to deliver a site that is neat and ready for development with no delays. In short, we know what is land clearing and it’s a job that we do well.

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We are justifiably proud of our perfect safety and performance record and we invite you to contact us the next time you need any type of land clearing in Sydney.

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