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April 16, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Crane Work

Instance where large or difficult tree needs to be removed. We own and operate our own cranes, with over 30 years’ experience you can have peace of mind that the whole tree or large parts of it can be lifted over properties, power lines and other structures in a safe and efficient manner to be processed by our latest model Chippers including Sydney’s largest mobile chipper. This method is used for low impact removals and pruning of trees in an awkward or hard to reach location. Crane services have the added benefit of being safer and less time consuming than traditional rigging techniques. By operating our own cranes the considerable reduction in time and resources can be passed on to you to guarantee a smooth operation.


Why is a Crane Necessary

  • To safely remove oversized and dangerous trees
  • To Avoid hazards e.i Power lines
  • Structures difficult terrain and landscaping
  • To protect surrounding property/ies.


Crane Services

In instances where a large tree is involved, we have crane services where the whole tree or large parts of it can be lifted over houses, power lines and other structures in a safe, unobstructive manner.

This type of crane service is also perfect for low impact removals and trimming of trees which are in an awkward, hard to reach location. Crane services also have the added benefit being safer and less time-consuming when compared to manual removals.

To guarantee a smooth operation, Arbor Tree Group has fully certified crane operators and arborists who are experienced in working with variety of crane sizes.

For your piece of mind, we are also fully insured and our tree cutting service professionals ensure that all the work carried out on site meets industry safety standards.

Once all the tree trimming or tree removal work is completed, we also make sure that all dead branches and debris will be cleaned up and that your property will be neat and tidy when we leave.

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Arbor Tree Group has been servicing Sydney and the surrounding areas for many years and you will be hard pressed to find a tree cutting and crane service that can match our professionalism. Contact our arborists today and you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

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