24 Hour Emergency Tree Services

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April 16, 2015
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24 Hour Emergency Tree Services

24 Hour Emergency Service

  • When a storm hits, you need to act quickly to minimize further risk and damages to your property.
  • Arbor Tree Group offers a 24 Hour Emergency service Sydney wide to assist clients.
  • We have the technical expertise and equipment to handle even the most difficult jobs.


The weather in Sydney can get pretty wet and wild, and strong winds and lightning strikes from a heavy storm can cause trees to topple over, thus causing untold damage to your property.

Because trees are most susceptible to damage caused by storms, you should ideally plant them away from buildings, power lines and other important structures as it takes only one fallen tree to wreck complete havoc.

However often times, the trees are already firmly rooted in place and the best you can do is hire an arborist in Sydney to undertake preventive maintenance such as such as trimming and bracing to reduce the potential for damage when a storm strikes.

In the unfortunate event that a storm does strike and you come home or wake up to a huge tree blocking your driveway, Arbor Tree Group offers 24 hour emergency tree services to help you get out of your bind.

Emergency Tree Services

Our emergency tree service covers almost all suburbs of Sydney including the Lower/Upper North Shore, Hills District, Inner West, Western Sydney and Blue Mountains up to Leura.

We are only a phone call away and you can rely on our team of highly experienced arborists to remove fallen trees, trim broken branches and clear up all the mess after a storm with unrivalled professionalism and efficiency.

Removing a tree from your property is not as easy as it seems and you shouldn’t attempt to do it on your own as it can be dangerous, not to mention tedious and time-consuming when you don’t have the proper tools that a professional arborist has.

Safety is also one of our main concerns when it comes to our emergency tree services and we maintain all requisite public liability, workers compensation, as well as plant & motor vehicle insurance to keep you covered.

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Keep our number handy and get in touch with us the next time you need emergency tree services to clear up the mess. There is no storm damage that is too great for our skilled arborists to take care of.

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