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April 16, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Tree Pruning

It’s always great to have trees or shrubbery to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property but as they grow, proper maintenance such as tree pruning is needed so that they are able to preserve their form and function.

Tree pruning is periodically required for all garden landscape plants as it helps ensure their safety, plant health, and visual appeal.  There are many types of tree pruning services available depending on the trees you have and what you want to achieve.



  • In order to promote good health and longevity of a trees life, tree trimming and pruning is necessary pre caution. We can elevate trees/limbs of lawns and garden cut them back of houses and roof lines, crown raise and thin canopies to allow sunlight through and thinning canopy reduces their weight and wind throw minimizing  damage from falling during storms.
  • Precautionary measures should be taken before small trees become a large problem to your property.


Tree Pruning Approaches

At Arbor Tree Group all pruning work is carried out to Australian Standard 4373 1996 , As per Council requirements and by qualified and trained Arborist.

At Arbor Tree Group, we specialise in providing a comprehensive range of garden and landscape care services. For the best tree cutting in Sydney, there are few better than our highly trained and experienced team of arborists.

We take great pride in the quality of services that we offer; and that is why our all our tree pruning in Sydney is performed by a qualified arborist.

For mature tree pruning, our arborists will evaluate the condition of your tree and make a decision on the best way to remove dead and dying branches in order to maintain its health and safety.

When it comes to younger trees, the purpose of tree pruning is to make sure that they grow into a well-shaped and naturally beautiful tree with a solid framework for future growth. This will put it in good stead to withstand a variety of threats such as the harsh climate and unpredictable weather.

If you are looking for speciality tree cutting in Sydney, we also provide vista tree pruning to make sure that your trees and plants are strategically trimmed to accentuate the natural view of your surrounding landscape.

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